Cost-effectiveness of prevention

This website is targeted at everyone interested in the cost-effectiveness of preventive interventions. It contains a literature database of economic evaluations of preventive interventions. The database covers studies on a broad range of preventive interventions, with the emphasis on primary and secondary prevention. It covers only full economic evaluations or systematic reviews of economic evaluations.

In 2023, the database was renewed. For this reason, the website contains an ‘old’ Dutch database covering studies published up to and including 2022, and a ‘new’ English database covering studies published in 2023 and onwards. The inclusion criteria for the old and the new database are the same. However, different information is included in the old and the new database. See an overview of the differences between the old and new database below.

Further instructions on the new database can be found under the tab ‘Instructions’. Here you can find tips on how to search the database and read how we dealt with several classification dilemma’s for the database. These instructions will be updated when new classification dilemma’s occur.

Differences database up to and including 2022 (old database) and database 2023 and onwards (new database)


Old database

New database





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